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Jason is a Creek Kid who leads the Junior Forest Scouts.

Physical appearance

Jason has fair skin, blond hair, and black eyes. He wears a blue-gray scout uniform and a green neckerchief with a gray woggle on his neck. He also has braces, which may be the cause of his lisp. He wields a blue and green water gun. He also wears a sash with badges around him. In "The Brood", Jason also wore a jacket that matched his uniform, a mask and snorkel. In "The Invitation", Jason and his scout troops wear the same scout uniform with long sleeves and jeans. In "Creek Cart Racers", his racing outfit matched his uniform but with a dark blue color. In "The Great Fossil Rush", Jason wears a white shirt under his neckerchief. In "Alternate Creekiverse", Jason also wore a light-brown hoodie, a purple shirt, white-gray socks, sandals, and gray shorts. In "Capture the Flag Part 3: The Legend", Jason is also wearing an acorn helmet on his head and he is also wearing a white-grey sweatshirt as undercover as an Acorn Knight.


Jason is self-centered. He uses his membership in the Junior Forest Scouts as justification for bossing people around and being deserving of other kids' belongings. However, he takes the concept of Scouts Honor very seriously. He does his best to be honest and hates being lied to or misled.

He is also insecure. He cares what others think about him and is aware that he is not well liked. He makes sincere attempts to earn the respect of others because he is lonely at heart. By talking to him, Craig Williams has gotten Jason to open up.

Episode appearances


  • Jason's persona/alias, Racer J, is a reference to the character of Racer X from the Speed Racer franchise.


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