Jason is a recurring character of Craig of the Creek. He is the leader of The Junior Forest Scouts.

Physical appearance

Jason has blond hair and wears a blue-grey scout uniform. Jason also has a green handkerchief with a gray badge on his neck. He also has braces, causing him to have a speech impediment. He also carries a Water Squirt Gun around. He also wears badges around him. In The Brood, Jason also wore a jacket that matched his uniform, a mask and snorkel. In The Invitation, Jason and his scout troops also wore the same blue-grey scout uniform but with long sleeves and jeans. In Creek Cart Racers, his racing outfit matched his uniform but with a dark blue color. In The Great Fossil Rush, when Jason took off his handkerchief he has a white shirt wearing in the background.


Jason is arrogant, rude, entitled and annoying. He constantly uses his membership in the Junior Forest Scouts as justification for bossing people around, and even attempting to take things from the other kids at the creek.

Despite his negative traits, he takes the concept of Scouts Honor very seriously. He does his best to be honest, and hates being lied to or misled.

Since the events of "The Great Fossil Rush", Jason has become slightly less irritating to the other creek kids.



  • Jason represents The Junior Forest Scouts in the Creek Council.
  • Craig and Jason consider themselves rivals.


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