John Paul "J.P." Mercer is the tritagonist of the Cartoon Network Series Craig of the Creek. He is a young boy who is most often seen near the creek with his best friends Kelsey and Craig. His first appearance was in the Pilot.

Physical appearance

J.P. is tall compared to most characters in the series. He has light skin, a large head with proportionally smaller cheeks, black eyes and eyebrows, and red hair.

J.P. wears a long-sleeve orange and white striped V-neck, black shoes, and tan pants with a tear on his right knee.


J.P. is not the brightest when it comes to thinking things through. He'll eat random food off of the forest floor and not listen to instructions.

Despite his weak intellect, he is quite a caring person and loyal friend, especially when his friends are in need of his assistance.


  • He has mentioned that he has a family cat name goo.
  • He has a rash on his torso in the Pilot.
  • His full name is John Paul, as revealed in the episode "You're It" when he states he is building a robot clone named Johnbot Paulthousand.
  • J.P. said he has a tetanus shot.
  • He is the oldest among his known friends.
  • It has been revealed that J.P. is in middle school during the episode Sunday Clothes.
  • He stated that he doesn't know how to breathe out his nose.
  • Despite his attraction to dangerous stunts, he is only documented to break a bone once (his hand, as stated in Jextra Perrestrial).
  • He has many similarities to Ed from Ed, Edd n' Eddy. They both are not too bright, wear a red and white striped shirt, they have two best friends, they both have a sister (J.P. has an older sister while Ed has a younger sister) and they both run in a similar fashion. He also somewhat resembles Rodney from Total Drama Pahkitew Island.
  • In "Kelsey the Author" He finds some sayings offensive, despite of them not being vulgar words. Such as when Craig says "Forget the world!" J.P gasped "Language, Craig!




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