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"Itch To Explore" is the first episode of Season 1 of Craig of the Creek and is the first episode overall.


Hoping to make their mark on the Creek and become legends, Craig, Kelsey, and J.P. try to make their way to the center of the Creek's legendary Poison Ivy Grove.


At the beginning of the episode, Craig is laying out paper and art supplies, but just as he is starting Bernard and Alexis enter, and kick him out, telling him to leave because they have to work on "AP Lit." After that, Craig tries to work in the living room, but Jessica yells at him saying "time is money," and "you should diversify your portfolio." And after that, Craig tries to work in their gym, but after his dad runs so fast, his work flies away, Craig leaves, prompting him to work at the Creek, where Kelsey is training Mortimer to peck out the brains of her enemies. And Craig finishes working on a map of all the known kid landmarks in the Creek, where Craig talks about each landmark.

After that, J.P. points out the big empty spot at the center of the poison ivy grove, and Craig mentions no Creek Kid has ever been there. Seeing his chance to make his mark on the Creek and asks Kit to give him "trash bags, tape, and all the calamine lotion you got." To which she responds, "You got it." After Craig exclaims, "We will be legends," Kelsey thinks, "Legends. Kelsey liked the sound of that. The children of the Creek would sing of their deeds unto the ages." while humming and singing the word legends, to which J.P. responds that the trick to Poison Ivy is not to eat it. After that, Kit comes down with the calamine lotion, and says that going to the poison ivy grove is a bad idea, and when kids come out of the grove, not even their parents recognize them.

Once at the grove, Craig looks out at the grove, and says, "18 square backyards of North American Poison Ivy. The only thing between us and a trip to the hospital. Is a thin layer of garbage bag." To which J.P. responds, "My mom says one more trip to the hospital, and I'm cut off." Then, Craig attaches a string to a tree and J.P. to help them find their way back, and exclaims it's time to step into history. Carefully. Then, J.P. gets stuck, and almost risks their mission, because he thought he saw a conch shell.








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