The Horse Girls are a group of kids that reside in the Meadow in The Creek. They are obsessed with all things horses, wearing horse riding clothes and even growing out their hair as a Mane. They are very territorial to the Meadow and threaten to buck any trespassers.


  • Mackenzie: Mackenzie is the self proclaimed leader of the Horse Girls. Her appearance is that she has peach skin with freckles and blonde hair in a ponytail with a blue hairclip. She wears a white shirt with an image of a horse on it, and also wears pink pants with blue boots. She has a gap between her teeth.
  • Melissa: A member of the Horse Girls who is very enthusiastic about horses. She appears to have peach skin with yellow earrings and has green eyes, and also, she is the only member who has an eye color. She wears a short-sleeved white shirt, wears long brown pants, and wears some black boots.
  • Maney: Maney is a member of the Horse Girls who has a crush on J.P. She is friends with Kelsey and pretends to be her noble steed by giving her piggy back rides. She appears to have dark peach skin and long, black hair, as if she has a mane. She wears a sky blue sweater with an image of a giraffe on it, and wears magenta leggings with white boots.
    • It is also revealed that she has a secret crush on J.P., in the episode, The Final Book.
  • Marie: Marie is the least enthusiastic about horses, and doesn't seem to find playing horse as much fun as the other girls do. She has peach skin and light brown hair in a ponytail, and wears a grey hoodie with purple polka-dotted pants and white sneakers.


  • Melissa is the only one in the group with a different eye color.
  • The Horse Girls are all voiced by members of the improv group "Wild Horses".