Herkleston is the fictional town in which Craig of the Creek takes place. Most of the show's locations are situated in North Herkleston. Currently, most of the known locations in the show were mapped out in Craig's map that he drew of the Creek.


North Herkleston

  • Craig's House - Home to Craig, Jessica, Bernard and their parents.
  • Go-Mart - A convenience store.
  • Herkleston Free Public Library.
  • Herkleston Municipal Soccer Club.
  • JP's Townhouse - Home to J.P..
  • Kelsey Family Compound - Home to Kelsey.
  • The Creek - The main setting of the show, and where Craig and his friends hang out.
    • 1992 Regal.
    • Alien Campsite.
    • King of the Hill Hill.
    • Pet Cemetery - Also known as the Animal Burial Ground. Is a place where Creek Kids bury their late pets.
    • Poison Ivy Grove - A field of poison ivy.
    • Rainbow Alley - A paintball war-zone.
    • Rock that looks like a hoagie.
    • Rock that looks like a turtle.
    • Rock that looks like Kevin's little brother Brad.
    • The Aqueduct - An aqueduct located directly next to someone's house.
    • The Couch of Teenage Mysteries - What appears to be a hangout point for teenagers.
    • The Log - Craig's, Kelsey's, and JP's base of operations.
    • The Sacred Swing - A tire swing.
    • The Sewer - Home to the Sewer Kids. The Sewer is connected directly to the Creek.
    • The Snack Trail.
    • The Tree of Steel - A powerline pole.


  • According to the episode "The Brood" ,Herkleston it can be found in Maryland.