Helen is a secondary character of Craig of the Creek. So far, she has only appeared in "Doorway to Helen".


Helen is a young girl that Craig writes to in the recent episode "Doorway to Helen". She uses notes to communicate, and it's believed that she lives in another dimension. It's unknown if Helen actually lives in another dimension, but she writes that when she visits the Trading Tree, she calls it the "Ghost Town Tree". This may be because she visits late. Her "strict mother" could be the possible reason for this. When Wren builds the portal between Craig's dimension and Helen's dimension, it's stormy, so she's carrying an umbrella that covers her face. This shows that she's shy. Before that, she didn't want to come out of the door, further proving this personality.

Physical Appearance

Helen is the same height and skin color as Craig. Her hair is black and in pigtails. When she goes through the dimension portal, she wears a light blue raincoat and matching boots. Her eyes have yet to be seen.


Helen is kind. This is shown when Craig finds his homework already completed by her. Helen writes in Cursive, probably because of her written "strict teacher", who is also her mother.



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