Handlebarb is the leader of the 10 Speeds, a group of kids that do dangerous and extreme stunts.


Normal Clothing

She wears a safety helmet and other bike gear. She has light brown hair with two bruises on her face and is seen wearing skinny jeans with a white shirt that has the number four on it.

Elegant Clothing

In "The Invitation", she is seen wearing a black and white dress suit instead of her normal bicycle shirt. Her bruises were not shown on her face.


Handlebarb is tomboyish. She likes bicycles and doing tricks with them. She also dresses as a child and plays in a brute way, as he has many wounds. She is always willing to help anyone who also helps her, as seen in "Too Many Treasures" when she takes Craig and his friends to the Junkpile for fixing the wheel of his bicycle. It is also seen in "The Invitation" that she doesn't like wearing elegant clothes. Handlebarb does not like the Horse Girls, apparently in "The Invitation" when she mocks them several times and even fights with Mackenzie.



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  • In first version of Polish dub of "Too Many Treasures", Handlebarb was dubbed by unknown male actor but in redubbed  "Too Many Treasures" and "The Invitation" she was dubbed by Justyna Kowalska (Polish voice of Lapis Lazuli and Jenny Pizza in Steven Universe)