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Template:Character George is a minor character in Craig of the Creek. He is a member of the Tea Timers who first appeared in "The Invitation", and acts as a servant (especially Eliza). His butler-like presentation and behavior might mean that he isn't as wealthy as Eliza and Jane, but he is still also their friend, though they both take him for granted at times.


He, like Eliza and Jane, is a snobby and manipulative child who talks down on other kids with the rest of the Tea Timers. He is Orderly, Dutiful, and is usually calm and collected.

Physical appearance

George is a rich family boy who dresses similar to a butler. He has clear peach skin and blue hair combed back with variations of color, he also has a light blue dot on its face. He wears a white shirt under a blue jacket and a blue bow tie, blue jeans with a blue belt, white socks, and black shoes.





George is Eliza's friend and her servant. He is often obediently following her orders, even if he is being treated unfairly by her.


While not much interaction is shown between them, he is shown to be just as close to Jane as he is with Eliza. They seem to have a nice relationship since they were seen happily participating in the food fight after being caught.


He is not shown to be holding any negative feelings towards Craig, even if Craig thinks George hates him.


He does not seem to care about Kelsey nor does he interact with her. Although, he does get mad at her when she asks why he didn't continue his performance at the start of 'Tea Timers Ball'.


Their relationship is unknown, though he does not show any negative feelings towards him even after JP hit him with a stick of Yo-Go in 'The Invitation'.

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