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"Escape from Family Dinner" is the 8th episode of Season 1 of Craig of the Creek and the 8th episode overall.


There's a huge water balloon fight at the creek but Craig is stuck at home for a family dinner unless he can escape.[2]


The episode begins with Craig trying to do his advanced math homework until he receives a video

Escape from Family Dinner 001

Craig working on math homework.

call from Kelsey telling him that he must be at the creek, Craig initially says he won't go to do his homework, but when Kelsey shows him that there is a water balloon fight at the creek and asks him to go. The call ends and Craig leaves his room, fills some water balloons in the bathroom, puts on his pilot and when he opens the

Escape from Family Dinner 002

door to leave, Nicole was about to enter with the purchases and tells him that he can't go to the creek because he has to be home for family dinner that night. Nicole enters and Duane tries to cheer Craig up by telling him they will eat steak. Craig sends a text message to one of his friends telling

Escape from Family Dinner 003

Hydro-Assault Craig.

him that he will be there soon, while Nicole and Duane dance and sing that they will eat steaks, Jessica sets the table slowly to make it perfect. Craig enters the kitchen and "scans" around him, then becomes sad to see the steaks and decides to be a vegetarian. However, he almost eats a chicken leg when he opens the refrigerator. Bernard discovers that he wants to leave for dinner

Escape from Family Dinner 004

"We're gonna grill some sta-akes!"

and says it out loud, Craig "scans" him as an enemy and he tells him that he must appreciate the moments with his parents, Craig shouts that he does appreciate them and receives some photos of Kelsey and JP in the water balloon fight.

Craig tries to speed up dinner by setting the table fast and asking for his raw steak, but his mother tries to reassure him and asks how he is doing in his advanced math group. Before he can answer, Craig receives a call and locks himself in the bathroom to talk. Kelsey shows him that the fight advanced and now there are also water guns. Craig tries to leave but his father needs help and Craig is forced to help him light the grill. However, Duane turns it on without problems and places 4 steaks, then Nicole goes out to the patio where they were and Duane asks Craig about her advanced math group. Craig was responding slowly until Jessica breaks a special dish and her parents are going to help her, leaving Craig in charge of the grill.

Just when Duane leaves, Craig receives another call from Kelsey saying that now some children started throwing garbage bags with water, and the call is cut because Kelsey's phone gets wet. Craig rushes down from the backyard, leaving the grill with no one in charge, and

Escape from Family Dinner 005

The grill is on fire!

starts pulling out the hose to take her to the creek. However, he can't escape because the steaks burn and Duane desperately goes down the hose. When they were going to wet the grill to put out the fire, Bernard goes out to the backyard with Alexis and accidentally wet them. Then they enter and Craig talks to Nicole about being very distracted by advanced mathematics, Craig reveals that it is because he does not have time to go to the stream to play in the water balloon fight, Nicole tells him that they are lost from many things during its growth, and they just want to know what happens sometimes. Duane decides he is going to order steak pizza and tells Craig that it will take 45 minutes, so he can go to the creek. However, when he opens the door, Kelsey and J.P. appear, soaked and sticky, because someone put soda in the water balloons. Duane invites them to dinner and J.P. laughs at one of his jokes. The episode ends with Craig, Kelsey, J.P., Craig's parents, Jessica, Bernard, and Alexis having dinner.






  • In "Jessica Goes to the Creek", Craig uses scratch paper for his blueprints that was previously used for algebra, suggesting he is learning algebra, but in this episode, his "advanced" math homework is much easier, only consisting of multiplying decimals.


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