Elder David[1] is one of the Elders of the Creek. He is friends with Mark and Barry, spending all of his time in their hangout, Elder Rock.


David has clear skin and large eyes, which show an expression of surprise. He has yellow-y buckteeth and a thin goatee. He wears a gray Viking helmet with white horns, hiding his shiny dark brown hair and a handsomely big nose. Instead of having a shirt, he has a red leather coat with a white border. He also wears brown pants and black sandals.


In "Kelsey Quest," David can be a bit cowardly. You also see that he knows how to juggle with gravity sticks, beat-box, and takes martial art lessons. He is prone to innocence, like when Mark and Barry brought a cake for Jerry to lure him into Elder Rock, and when David carried the happy birthday sign, he believed it was a real birthday party. In "Kelsey the Elder," he was shown to be a very enthusiastic person, constantly smiling and yelling excitedly. He was also portrayed as lovably immature, wanting to drink acid spit in a game of DnD because he thought it might give him acid spitting powers and that he was already going to die instantly from something else anyway. He has a clear love for his friends, as his response to Mark and Barry reuniting after a falling out was to jump on them to hug them and yell "Yay! We're friends again!" Whenever he speaks, he pronounces "S" as a "Z" indicating that he has a speech problem.



  • He, along with Mark and Barry, have appeared in Ben Levin and Matt Burnett's previous works, including I'm In Ur Manger Killing Ur SaviorRonin Dojo Community College DX: The Digital Pirates of Dark Water Saga, and H.P. Papercraft.
  • In "You're It", it is revealed that David is Jewish, Since Mark mentioned David's Bar Mitzvah gifts.
  • David's face is revealed in the episode "Kelsey the Elder," having long and shiny dark brown hair, and a big nose. His enthusiastic demeanor turned bashful once his helmet was off, possibly meaning that it is a source of confidence for him.
  • David's player piece in the episode "Kelsey the Elder" looked very similar to David, except it had long pink hair and wore a dress. Considering the show's representation of LGBTQ+ characters in the past, this might be a hint towards David not being cisgender. This could also just mean that David enjoys playing games as female characters. However, outside of the show, David is drawn multiple times in a dress.[2][3] This theory has yet to be confirmed or denied by show runners. It is also popularly headcanoned that David is a trans man, however this has also been yet to be confirmed or denied.
  • David is implied to have very sensitive skin, as shown in the episode "Kelsey the Elder" when he took a longer time to leave the cave than Mark and Barry because he had to put on sunscreen so he could "be in the light."
  • His character in Mark's DnD game speaks "Dwarven," presumably the language of dwarves, but could not read it. Interestingly enough, considering the way it was discussed, there is a chance that his DnD character can't read at all.
  • In "Kelsey Quest" he started a devil sticks routine and was interrupted, implying this might be a hobby of his.
  • Barry mentions in "Kelsey Quest" that David has his green belt/is approaching green belt status, implying that he takes a form of martial art lessons.


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