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"Do the JP" is a song performed by J.P. in "JPony".


[J.P.] Now, this is a little dance I made up when I had a bee stuck in my shirt.
It goes a little something like this.
Stick out your arms like you got long sleeves,
Wave 'em around, just like me!
Don't be shy, just get funky!
And do the J.P.!
[Kelsey] *spoken* Come on guys!
[Mackenzie] What?
[J.P.] *sung* A-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle
That's right!
Do the J.P.!
So you're not a J.P., you're a Kyle!
That's okay, just wave your arms freestyle!
I am moving all over the place!
Do the J.P.!
Come on, everyone watching at home! Get up and dance along!
It's real easy to
Do the J.P.!
[Stump Kids, Melissa, Maney, and Marie] *shouted* Yeah!
[Mackenzie] *spoken* That's not how horses dance.