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"Creek Daycare" is the 21st episode of the second season and the 61st episode overall of Craig of the Creek.


Craig and his sister, Jessica, try their hand at running the daycare at the Creek.


Kelsey and J.P. are preparing their raft for their raft sliding. Craig appears with Jessica, whom he has to take care of since his brother, Bernard, is at work. Kelsey and J.P. begin their raft sliding, which ended with both of them being flung away. Jessica refuses to do the activity, and after she refuses to listen to Craig, he decides to bring her to Creek Daycare.

As Craig, Kelsey, J.P., and Jessica arrive at the Creek Daycare, they are greeted by Angel. Craig signs off the form Angel gave to him. As Angel gives treatment to a kid who had "bubble legs" after touching poison ivy, they decide to leave Craig in charge at the daycare.

Craig, Kelsey, J.P., and Jessica introduce themselves to the kids in the daycare, to which Kadesha introduces herself and the other kids afterwards. Craig lets the kids decide the first thing they want to do, but Lil' Chris suggests to pound J.P.. Craig hesitates in the suggestion and plays peek-a-boo, to the kids, instead. As kids are not interested in it, Jessica plays "Simon Says" with the kids, and they manage to follow her orders. Everything goes fine until Kadesha bumps on Nathan and his "booger" sticks in her cheek. Jessica orders them to "freeze" and they do so in the process, yet Craig declares "snack time" right away. Craig hands out choco rolls to the kids, but after they have one bite, they suddenly go crazy, forcing him to conclude the "snack time" immediately. Kelsey starts telling a story, yet Kadesha and J.P. (with the kids) start asking questions about the story. Meanwhile, Nathan and Lil' Chris venture away from the daycare, but Jessica successfully manages to catch their attention. Jessica takes over Kelsey in story telling. Frustrated at her capabilities, Craig leaves Jessica in charge, while he leaves the daycare with Kelsey and J.P. to play. Soon after, Jessica falls asleep, and the kids leave the daycare one by one.

Later, Craig wakes up Jessica to alert her that the kids have gone missing. Craig, Jessica, Kelsey, and J.P. start searching for the kids. While searching, Jessica apologizes to Craig for the mishaps she did, however, Craig admits his jealousy over her capabilities, and admits that being a big brother is easy due to her capabilities. When Craig and Jessica track down the kids, they discovered that the kids are trapped in poison ivy. Craig uses his "map brain" to devise a plan to lead the kids safely away from the poison ivy. Jessica plays "Simon Says" with the kids to let them lead away from the poison ivy, though runs out energy later on. However, as J.P. and Kelsey catches up, Lil' Chris jumps towards him and starts pounding him.

Later, Angel heads back to the daycare, and they thank Craig for being in charge while they were away. However, after Craig told everything that happened earlier, a disinterested Angel tells the four to leave and never come back, ending the episode.






  • "Creek Daycare" is the first episode to air in 2020 and by extension, the decade.
  • This episode takes place before "Craig and the Kids Table".
  • This is the third episode where Jessica visits the Creek, after "Jessica Goes to the Creek" and "Jessica's Trail".
  • This episode was released on the app 127 days before airing on TV, the longest gap of any episode of the series.
  • The hiatus ended by this episode was the longest of the entire series, with 146 days separating the premieres.
  • Kelsey tries to read her book originally penned in "Kelsey the Author".


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