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"Creature Feature" is the 15th episode of the third season of Craig of the Creek and the 95th episode overall.


Craig finds himself being chased by a monster in the Creek that's straight out of the movies!


At night, while Craig is reading a Slide the Ferret comic, he hears screaming coming from downstairs. He goes to the living room and sees Bernard and his friends having a horror movie marathon.

Creature Feature (14).png

Each of Bernard's friends has their opinion towards the film. Alexis sympathizes with the monster because the world does not have renewable energy. Bernard disagrees with her, because it is going after teenagers. Amina does not know what she would do in a situation like the one in the movie. Gibson wonders why the characters would go to the basement, but also believes that if he encountered the monster, he would be able to beat it, given that he has weight training in third period. As for Cariss, she is bored of the film.

When the monster appears onscreen, Craig screams out of fright. Afterwards, Bernard reminds Craig not to be in the living room while he and his friends are watching, and realizing that he is scared of the film, laughs at him because the monster is not real.

The next day, Craig talks to Kelsey and J.P about this over a game of Tree Golf. When Kelsey takes a swing, she strikes Mark and Barry, both of whom are looking for something that David lost. When it is Craig's turn to take a swing, the TimeKeeper blows her sousaphone and indicates it is dinner time. After swinging, he retrieves the ball and also finds the radiation transceptor from the

Creature Feature (52).png

film. Upon holding it, the swamp monster from the film rises from the water. Craig alerts his friends about its existence, and they initially do not believe him, until the monster goes after them.

They run to Craig's house, where Bernard and his friends are watching the sequel to the film. Craig attempts to alert Bernard of its existence, but he is incredulous over this. Kelsey reassures him, but shortly after, they hear knocking coming from the front door. None of them answer the door out of fear, but Cariss is not frightened. She answers the door while the others wait. During so, they hear a woman scream, but it is from the movie itself. However, Cariss has not returned.

Creature Feature (101).png

The group goes to the front door to find out what happened, but Bernard insists that it is just Cariss wanting to scare them. But upon answering the door, the monster enters the house and scares them off.

Gibson takes Kelsey to the basement, where he realizes that he has played himself like the characters in the film. Kelsey however, states that she will protect him. When Gibson backs up against the wall and bumps into a mop, he asks Kelsey to save him. She leaps into the air and strikes the electric box, which causes a power outage.

Amina and J.P go to Jessica's room, where she cuts Jessica's stuffed teddy bear open and instructs J.P to hide inside. When the monster enters the room, it does not find either of them. When the monster leaves, J.P steps down from Jessica's bed, but makes squeaking footsteps due to wearing the stuffed animal. The monster hears him and enters the room again to find J.P.

Creature Feature (162).png

In the kitchen, Craig, Bernard, and Alexis hear both of them screaming, leading Craig to believe that it got J.P. Bernard admits that he is scared of the monster when Craig tells him to do something. Because Bernard is too frightened to do anything, Craig and Alexis make a plan to beat the monster. It is based on what the characters do in the movie, in which they lure the monster into the chemical plant by using fish and then dumping barrels of chemicals over it.

While they are trying to turn the stove on, it enters the kitchen. Alexis kicks the monster while Craig pulls a drawstring to drop pots on the monster, but the pots land on Alexis.

Upset that Craig and Alexis are in harm's way, Bernard punches the monster and takes its head off. This reveals Elder David in a costume. The others enter the kitchen with the intention of beating it, but Amina recognizes David from Spanish class last year.

With everyone except for Cariss gathered in the kitchen, Elder David explains what he was doing. He and the other Elders were filming a reboot of Swamp Monster from the Swamp. During shooting, he lost his thumb drive, which is the radiation transceptor Craig took. David was just trying to get it back but could not communicate, because he could not remove his mask and gloves.

Alexis however, realizes that Cariss has not returned, but Cariss enters the kitchen and reveals that she got a smoothie after encountering David.

David screens a rough cut of his film to the group. During so, J.P asks Amina if the movie is scary, to which Amina says it is not, given what they just went through. Gibson believes that if he is in a similar situation in the future, he has Kelsey to protect him, because she is a warrior girl and it would be her honor to protect him. As for Bernard, he apologizes for making fun of Craig.

Creature Feature (269).png

Craig forgives him, because he knows that if another monster goes after him, he will punch its head off to protect him. Craig and Bernard end the episode by fist-bumping each other.






  • The monster resembles the Gill-Man from the 1954 monster horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • The credits theme again uses the Halloween version from "The Curse", "The Haunted Dollhouse", and "Trick or Creek".
  • The Chaos Balls that Slide must obtain reference Sonic's Chaos Emeralds.
    • Slide's ability to transform into Hyper Slide after collecting these references Sonic's Super Sonic form.
      • Sonic also has a Hyper Sonic form if he collects the Master Emerald in addition to the Chaos Emeralds, but this is likely a coincidence.


  • When Elder David plugs his thumb drive into his laptop, he is not wearing the costume's gloves, but when the camera shows everyone watching the Elders' reshoot, he is wearing the gloves again.


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