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Renders are art of characters or props that can be used for demonstrative purposes or to create derivative media. On the wiki, they are used to visualize characters in a simple format. These guidelines specify the type and quality of renders used in the main namespace on the wiki. All renders should have a transparent background and be in PNG format.

Official renders

Official render of Craig.

Official renders, provided they are in PNG format and have no background in their original presentation, should always be used if available.

User-created renders

User-created PNG render of Mortimor.

Not all characters have official renders. Renders of these characters must be created by users. Adobe Photoshop is a great software to create renders, but other software is available. Characters can have many different renders for their different outfits or different designs, but character infoboxes should consist of the character's most recognizable outfit. Character pose renders are considered excessive and redundant. Instead, a single pose should be chosen for all outfit renders. It may not be possible to do so for different designs.

Modelsheets of some characters have been shared online by the show's team, Crew of the Creek. The main pose on a character or prop's modelsheet should be used as a reference while tracing, as has been done with Mortimor's render. If a modelsheet is not available, any high-quality screenshot or official art may be used instead.

User-created renders should be, at minimum, 1000 pixels tall, approximating the show's broadcast resolution of 1080p HD.

Renders should not be anti-aliased. This massively increases the file size; simply increasing the resolution to make the aliasing less evident is much more efficient. Consider losslessly compressing renders before uploading using tools like PNGGauntlet. This reduces the file size without lowering image quality.