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General file rules

  • All uploaded files should follow the wiki rules.
  • Unused files may be deleted without warning. Files may be restored by bureaucrats and administrators.
  • Rather than uploading a file that serves the same purpose as another file on the wiki, upload a new version of the file. This ensures that all usage of it is automatically updated across the wiki.
    • Please categorize your files as either gallery files or user files based on the usage specified on those pages. Categorizing your files saves other wiki editors work.
  • Users may be blocked for uploading excessive user files. What constitutes "excessive" user files is determined by wiki staff.

File licensing

You are responsible for adding a license template to files you upload. If a file is believed to be in violation of copyright laws in the United States, it will be deleted immediately. If you believe this has been done in error, contact the staff member who performed the deletion.

Fair use

The following files should be categorized as fair use:

  • Episode title cards
  • Episode credits
  • Pictures of real people or animals that are not in the public domain
  • Episode screenshots, up to 400 per episode segment
  • Fan works based on copyrighted properties with permission given by the creator of the fan work
  • Copyrighted audio that meets the following requirements:
    • Is not more than 30 seconds in length
    • Is unable to stand on its own as a work (e.g. part of a song with no special significance other than being demonstrative/educational)
    • Is relevant to the subject of the wiki (documenting the Craig of the Creek franchise)
  • Other Craig of the Creek media assets

The following files will not fall under fair use and may be relicensed or deleted:

  • More than 400 screenshots of an episode segment, as this may violate the substantiality principle of fair use by too closely matching the original purpose of the work
  • Full audio clips, except that which is contained in a video that has been uploaded with permission or itself constitutes as fair use
  • Fan works that are not your own
  • Files that fall under different usage, such as {{Permission}} or {{PD}}
  • Non-derivative works created by the uploader or who they are acting in behalf of (these do not require a license template, though usage can be specified by the author)
  • Screenshots obtained from unlicensed broadcasts of episodes (e.g. illegal uploads, cable stealing)
    • These will be immediately deleted if discovered and the user will be permanently blocked with no ability to appeal. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis at admin discretion.

A note to copyright holders

If you believe any content or material on the wiki infringes on your copyright, you can submit a DMCA takedown notice by following the instructions given at Help:DMCA takedown notice. The linked help article is maintained by Fandom, Inc. and no guarantee of accuracy of this information is provided by the Craig of the Creek Wiki staff. Staff on this wiki are unable to deal with your DMCA claim; if they are responsible for the offending material, Fandom, Inc. will act on their behalf to resolve the claim. If these terms are deemed insufficient to uphold copyright, they will be modified by Fandom. They have not been legally analyzed and are written solely to aid in protecting intellectual property.

Authors of fan works

If you have created a fan work based on copyrighted material that has been uploaded without your permission to the wiki, you may request its removal using the file's talk page by providing evidence proving your creation is your own. Do not use {{delete}} for this; this template is only for cases where the deletion reason is self-evident. Do not submit a DMCA takedown notice; it will be ignored because you do not own the copyright.


The existence of a certain file usage template on a file page only indicates how the file should be used. Any signed-in user who is not blocked is able to add or remove a license template from a file page. Assuming the template is added in good faith, it merely dictates its status as it is used or will be used on the wiki. It does not certify the legal status of the usage of a file; copyright violations will be taken extremely seriously. If you have questions about the license on a file, contact the uploader or user who added the template. If you understand the ramifications of doing so, you may modify the license yourself, but licenses should not be removed entirely except by the person who added it unless it was added in error or in bad faith. Such removals may be seen as disruptive and dealt with accordingly.

Other licenses

See respective template documentations: Template:PD, Template:Permission, Template:Other free, and Template:From Wikimedia.