Craig of the Creek is an American-animated television series created by Ben Levin and Matt Burnett for Cartoon Network, both previously of Steven Universe. The pilot episode made its debut on the Cartoon Network app on December 1, 2017. The sneak peek was announced on February 19, 2018, and the series officially premiered on March 30, 2018.[2]


Craig of the creek

Teaser art of the three main characters that was used in early new sources and in the Pilot.

The greenlight announcement publicly made on March 30, 2017[3] alongside other shows such as Apple & Onion and Summer Camp Island. Matt Burnett also stated on his Twitter that he and his team had recently begun production around that time.[4]


Craig of the Creek follows a young boy, Craig, and his two friends, Kelsey and JP, as they go on adventures within a world of untamed, kid-dominated wilderness in the creek.

The show's first announcement featured a single teaser photo, taken from the pilot, of the main three cast in a Rainbow Alley trench.


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International feeds

Country Title (if different) Date
Canada (Teletoon) May 3, 2018
Latin America El mundo de Craig June 16, 2018
Brazil O Mundo de Greg June 16, 2018
Australia August 3, 2018
Philippines August 4, 2018
Southeast Asia August 25, 2018
Pakistan September 22, 2018
Italy Craig[5] September 24, 2018
United Kingdom October 1, 2018
Netherlands Craig van de Kreek October 15, 2018
Romania Craig și dumbrava October 15, 2018
Germany October 15, 2018
Hungary Vadócok October 15, 2018
Poland Craig znad Potoku October 15, 2018
Czech Republic Craig od potoka October 15, 2018
Bulgaria Крейг край реката (Kreĭg kraĭ rekata) October 15, 2018
Africa October 15, 2018
Russia Ручей Крэйга (Ruchey Kreyga) October 15, 2018
France Craig de la Crique November 5, 2018
India November 5, 2018
Spain (Boing) El Mundo de Craig November 10, 2018
Portugal O Mundo de Craig November 10, 2018
South Korea 시냇가의 크레이그 December 1, 2018
Turkey Craig'in Krallığı January 7, 2019
Denmark Bækkens Børn TBA
Sweden Craig - bäckens kung TBA
Norway Bekkens Helter TBA
Finland Purosalon Poppoo TBA
Middle East كريغ من الجدول TBA
India क्रैग अव थे क्रीक TBA
Israel קרייג וויליאמס N/A (VOD only)

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