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Craig of the Car Gallery Transcript
Speaker Dialogue
Craig Why did we have to get these boring suits? Why not scuba suits or leftover Halloween costumes? Both were on sale! I mean, you can't pass on that kind of bargain.
Bernard Mum and Dad don't want you wearing a scuba suit or your dirty creek clothes to Aunt Tina's this year, you need dress up for the holidays.
("Bernard puts the seat belt on")
Bernard if you're gonna represent our family, it takes a certain amount of finesse, and attention to detail-
("the car crushes and cuts Bernard off")
Bernard *Deep inhale*, I'M FREAKING OUT I'M FREAKING OUT, OH MY GOSH I'M FREAKING OUT, Mum and Dad will never let me drive alone again.
Alexis Oh, sweetie it's just a small scratch they'll probably won't even notice.
Craig not unless someone brings to their attention.
Bernard I'll do whatever you want just don't tell Mum and Dad.
("cuts at the creek")
Kelsey You're slain! You're vanquished! You're banished!
("JP's phone starts ringing")
JP JP's phone JP here, Oh hey Craig, Oh nothing Kelsey is fighting the air and I've been staring the sun for a real long time, what's that? Oh I'll ask her, hey Kelsey, wanna help Craig extort his brother?
Alexis Hey guys!
Kelsey and JP Hey Alexis!
Alexis Aw, this is so fun, it's like we're going to a road trip.
Bernard *SIGHS* Where do you little monsters wanna go?
Craig Well, my tummy's feeling a little rumbly, you guys thinking what I'm thinking?
Craig Mmm, you know what's wierd? There's so many sesame seeds on this burger bun but all I taste is bread.
JP I think it's just an aesthetic choice.
Bernard Okay, you got your dumb burgers, you ready to go home?
Craig this pizza's so cheesy.
Kelsey I fear I'm becoming more cheese to warrior, but I'm also fine with it.
Alexis So, where are we heading next Captain Craig?
Bernard How about home? There's nothing else in this stupid strip mall except a dusty old pharmacy!
Stump Kids Pharmacy! Pharmacy!
Bernard Ugh!
JP Oh, hey look, it's a Duck Mart!
Stump Kids Duck Mart! Duck Mart!
Kelsey [ Gasps ] Look! It's Big Boy Roy's Lumber Shack!
Stump Kids Lumber Shack! Lumber Shack!
Bernard That's it! I'm done! I'm done driving you guys to any and every place you can think of! You can tell Mom and Dad about the scratch! I don't care!
("Bernard hits the break")
Craig Uh, I think they'll notice this.

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