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Craig Williams is the titular protagonist of Craig of the Creek. He is a ten-year-old African American boy who lives with his parents, Duane Williams and Nicole Williams, his younger sister Jessica, and his older brother Bernard. He is best friends with Kelsey and J.P., both of whom he frequently hangs out with. He has appeared in all episodes of the series. He is voiced by Philip Solomon.

Physical appearance

Craig is of normal stature for a 10-year-old boy and is rather slim. He has dark skin, large expressive eyes, similarly sized ears, a prominent flat nose, and black hair. His head is also large in proportion to his body.

Creek clothes

His main outfit, dubbed his "creek clothes", consists of a yellow long-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless gray hooded vest, blue jeans, and white sneakers. He also carries a large teal-colored frame purse called the "Purse of Holding" around with him. He is also sometimes seen with a wooden staff made from a baluster along the stairs in his grandparents' house. Atop the staff is a blue diamond-shaped crystal.

School clothes

His school clothes consist of the same jeans and sneakers, but instead of a yellow long-sleeved shirt, he wears a white polo t-shirt.


Craig is very imaginative but he remains grounded in reality when necessary for his or his friends' safety. He can be narrow-minded and impatient at times, as shown in "Jessica Goes to the Creek" when he repeatedly fails to make a catapult and ignores his sister's complaints of not being able to go inside. However, at the end of the episode, he apologizes for being rude. He is also a bit of a hoarder as seen in "Too Many Treasures". Craig is quite crafty, being able to make a chair out of a cardboard box. Craig can sometimes act bossy too. He has a way of defending others and standing up to bullies.



Craig generally respects his father, save for certain episodes.

In "Power Punchers", Duane beats Craig at the game repeatedly, and lets competitiveness get the best of him, gloating to Craig about his victories. In response, Craig seeks the Elders in order to learn how to play the game better and after enough training, he defeats his dad. However, Duane reveals that that when Bernard learned how to beat him, the game became boring to them. They stopped playing the game as a result, making Duane feel like he had become less close to his son. Duane played so competitively against Craig every time to avoid the same thing from happening to their relationship. However, Craig does not want this either, and resumes playing the game against him by playing as different characters.

In "Children of the Dog", Duane refuses to hear Craig out at all when he asks for a dog.

In "Craig of the Beach", Duane bonds with Kelsey and J.P., making Craig feel unable to fully hang out with them. Duane creates a treasure hunt for Craig and his friends to make up for it.

In "King of Camping", Craig sticks by his father and learns how to camp, even though Darnell has borrowed an RV that has electricity and other conveniences.

In "Snow Place Like Home", Craig expresses his dislike of the grilled cheese sandwich that his father makes.


Craig loves his mother, as seen in "Fort Williams". However, Craig is upset that he does not have as much time to be with her as he would like; but his mother reassures him that they can always spend time together in the future, whenever their schedules are not occupied.

In "The Time Capsule", his mother teaches him that although he might not remember everything that he and his friends do, he will always remember the good times they make together. Thus, she encourages him to be with his friends.


Craig and Bryson enjoy being together. Bryson and Craig do lots of things together, such as participating in a water balloon fight in "Cousin of the Creek", or sneaking into King Xavier's games in "The Other Side: The Tournament".

He and Bryson help Bernard make another pie in "Craig and the Kids Table".

In "King of Camping", Bryson joins Duane and Craig, despite Darnell renting an RV.


Craig loves his sister and always looks out for her. For example, in "The Ground Is Lava!", his first priority is to make sure Jessica is safe. Craig can get impatient with her as seen in "Jessica Goes to the Creek" and "The Ground Is Lava!" but always apologizes at the end of the episode.


Craig and Bernard generally are petulant around each other. They are able to work together when necessary, doing so in "Bring Out Your Beast", "Craig and the Kids Table", and "Creature Feature".


Craig and J.P. are the best of friends, and are almost always seen hanging out together with Kelsey. In "Alternate Creekiverse" Craig says he cannot imagine a world in which they weren't friends.

Craig will sometimes dismiss some of JP's ideas as seen in "Secret in a Bottle". In recent episodes however, he's accepted many of JP's stranger ideas, such as getting an imaginary job.


Like his friendship with J.P. Craig has a good friendship with Kelsey as he does everything he can to make her feel like a true warrior in her own way.


Mortimor saves Craig, Kelsey, and J.P. from being stranded in the creek in "Mortimor to the Rescue".

Kelsey tells off Craig and J.P. for being inconsiderate of Mortimor's wants in "Secret in a Bottle".


Kit treats Craig like any other customer, but trusts him more than most. Kit hires Craig in "The Shortcut" to find a route to transport ice pops, revealing her source in the process. When her grandmother asks if she has a crush on Craig, she becomes flustered, causing Craig to run away.

Their relationship has at times been strained. Kit has threatened to ban Craig from trading on multiple occasions. When he accidentally destroys her supply of limited-edition Choco-Rolls in "Trading Day", she forces him to run the Trading Tree and deal with the customers that irritate Kit to avoid being banned.


Wildernessa and Craig originally did not get along well because she believed Craig didn't know anything about animals as the two of them found themselves at odds with one another. However, as of "Breaking the Ice"; Craig and Wildernessa are on good terms after they spend a day together with Wildernessa opening up about her past, though she quietly hides the fact that she holds a crush on him.

Elder Mark

Craig respects him and the other Elders. He demonstrates his respect by "calling upon" them for the purpose of gaining "great ancient wisdom".

Craig, Kelsey, and other kids of the Creek rescue him, David, and Barry in "Crisis at Elder Rock".

In "Trading Day", Mark pushes Craig out the way when they are at the Trading Tree. However, Mark thanks Craig for saving anime night.

Elder David

David teaches Craig how to play Power Punchers effectively in the episode of the same name.

Elder Barry

As much as Craig respects him in the same vein as the other Elders, he finds him irritating in "Kelsey the Elder". Barry has no real meaningful connection to Craig and J.P. and only talks about old cartoons of the past. This motivates the Stump Kids to reunite Barry with Mark and David.


Among the 10 Speeds, Craig has a close friendship with Cannonball due that the latter volunteers along in being at the Creek council. Their friendship is further solidified in "The Ice Pop Trio: Creek Street", where they work together to obtain some ice pops.

The Sewer Queen

Craig has a friendly relationship with her. She invites Craig to make a map of the sewers in "Lost in the Sewers". In "Afterschool Snackdown", she participates in the snackdown against Craig, but otherwise does not antagonize against him. In "Sink or Swim Team", Craig accidentally finds out she is a pool kid, and she invites him to her house so he can pretend to be from her swim team, but gets embarrassed by Craig's tall tale about being the swim coach who was raised by fish people in Atlantis.


Craig and Jason consider each other rivals. However, in "The Invitation", he and Jason work together to foil the Tea Timers' plan by showing friendliness towards each other rather than antagonism. Eventually, it is revealed that Jason forgot to close the lid on the Stump and Craig is offered an opportunity to cut his sash of badges; but Craig refuses and goes after the cake instead. When Jason asks why he did not cut his sash, Craig states that it would not have fixed his map. In "The Great Fossil Rush", Craig confronts Jason about how arrogant he is and that his ego actually shows more than his responsibility as a Forest Scout, which is to always help out. By the end of the episode Craig seems to have made a slight difference in Jason's personality as he is a little less bossy and privileged to those he wants to help. In "The End Was Here" their friendship developed even more when Craig realized they shouldn't keep on making enemies because eventually it would ruin the Creek. Later in "Capture the Flag Part 4: The Plan", it is revealed that Craig trusted Jason enough to infiltrate King Xavier's defenses so that they would have a plan on how to defeat him.

The Green Poncho

Craig first met with the Green Poncho with a rough start when he mistook Craig and his friends for members of the King's court on the Other Side after they went through the Overpass to collect Honeysuckles for Kit's Trading Tree. They meet again when Craig and Jessica unknowingly enters the Other Side after they met the Honeysuckle Rangers, who are tempted to take his map for the King to see. The Green Poncho rescues them from the Honeysuckle Rangers and this confirms Craig's idea that the Green Poncho is the good guy, which wasn't his initial opinion on him.

Eventually, he tells Craig, Kelsey and J.P. that he has been protecting their side of the Creek from the King's forces and they learn more about the Other Side as he goes on. After knowing about this, Craig wanted to befriend him, to which he succeeds in doing and he eventually learns his true name, Omar, and his past with Maya. As time went on, he and Craig became close friends, however, Omar still takes his role very seriously, which means he doesn't get to hang out with them very much. Eventually, the King made a secret coup to make a famine in the Creek so that the kids there would let Omar let the King and his court pass through their side, which King Xavier succeeded in doing. This made Omar finally abandon his post to live a normal life. When Craig recruits him for the Capture the Flag war, he was hesitant to help because of how the Creek took him for granted, but in the end helped for Craig.

King Xavier

Initially seeming like a merciful king, Xavier soon shows his true colors and how tyrannical and manipulative he can be to his subjects right in front of Craig and his friends when they first met. Through this, Craig and Xavier grow to despise one another on a very high level, involving them making multiple schemes and plans to make the other leave the Creek and eventually start a Capture the Flag war, to which Craig won after calling out on how Xavier doesn't actually have any friends.


Toman and Craig are friends, even though there is some rivalry between them, particularly in Toman's debut episode "Ace of Squares".


In their initial meeting, Tabitha entertains herself by "cursing" Craig, Kelsey, and J.P. in her and Courtney's debut episode, "The Curse". Craig, believing that they are genuinely witches, get Kelsey and J.P. to throw water balloons at them as well as spray water at them. Tabitha, taking offense at this, decides not to undo the curse, until she hears her father looking for her. When Craig climbs a tree to reach the other side of a river, Tabitha advises him to be careful and shows genuine fear that he may fall and hurt himself. At the end of the episode, Tabitha undoes the curse and befriends Craig.

In "The Haunted Dollhouse", she and Courtney decide to scare the Stump Kids further by helping them contact the doll in the dollhouse. However, when she becomes convinced that the doll is a genuine spirit, she is equally as frightened as the Stump Kids. After "appeasing" the "spirit", Tabitha offers the Stump Kids a ride home.

In "Snow Day", she and Courtney have the Stump Kids get several items for them in exchange for "using their magic" to make it snow.


Courtney is usually nicer to Craig than Tabitha, given that she is more laidback and less irritable.

Raj and Shawn

Craig initially has a hostile relationship with them in "Jessica's Trail", due to them forcefully wanting his map. The hostility between Craig and the rangers continues in "Return of the Honeysuckle Rangers". However, when Raj and Shawn discuss the banquet incident, Craig grows sympathetic towards them, given that they want the map for the purpose of reconciling their relationship with the King. Nonetheless, Craig takes his map back and gives them the fake one. The relationship between Craig and the rangers turns for the better after the events of "The Other Side", when King Xavier still disregards the Honeysuckle Rangers even after they tell him what they've gone through to present the real map. Afterwards, the rangers help Craig and his friends escape the other side.


In "The Invitation", Craig is flattered that Eliza would invite him, Kelsey, and J.P. to the Tea Timers' Club for a tea party. He and the Stump Kids accept her invitation, but Craig discovers that the tea party is for their amusement. He realizes that Eliza, and by extension, Jane and George, invites kids to tea parties for the purpose of creating hostility between them and watching them fight for their entertainment. Craig foils Eliza's plans in by befriending Jason and destroying the cake, which reveals it to be fake.

In "Creek Cart Racers", Craig was going to participate in the Creek Race against Eliza, Jason, and Cannonball. However, due to Craig injuring himself, he sends J.P. to race against her and the other competitors. J.P. ends up winning the race, but Eliza is not bitter about her defeat, given that she "looked the best".

In "Tea Timer's Ball", Eliza invites the Stump Kids to the Tea Timer's Ball; however, Craig is suspicious of her intent given the events of "The Invitation". He believes that the ball is going to be used to exact revenge against him. When Craig confronts her over this, she reveals that she was not targeting Craig over past grudges. Rather, the ball is retaliation against Sailor Boy for not inviting her to his parents' yacht.

In "Secret in a Bottle", Eliza holds an auction for a secret that she has found. Craig, believing that the secret is his, decides to go to her auction and bid for it. However, Craig decides that secrets are not worth keeping and foils her plan by revealing his secret.


It can be assumed that Craig views Jane in the same manner as Eliza, given that she is Eliza's best friend.


Like Jane, it can be assumed that Craig views George in the same manner as Eliza, given that he is part of the Tea Timers and assists her in her schemes.

Big Red

Big Red first antagonizes Craig in "Sour Candy Trials", where she tries to remove the Pucker Sucker from his mouth in order to keep her record intact. However, Craig succeeds and beats her record. In "Tea Timer's Ball", she, along with Turner and Jason, glares at Craig when J.P states he has plenty of enemies. In "Trick or Creek", Big Red scares Craig and his friends in order to take his candy. However, Craig and his friends foil her plan.

The Secret Kid

Craig confides in the Secret Kid after Kelsey and J.P irritate him by placing a sharp stick and dirty stick in his purse. He trusts that the Secret Kid will keep his secret. Afterwards, Craig helps him recover all the bottles when a rainstorm floods his place and displaces all the bottles.

Scooter Girl

Initially, Craig believed that she had the last book that Kelsey was looking for in "The Final Book". However, she did not take the book and was otherwise innocent. In "The Bike Thief", Craig accuses her of stealing the Ten Speeds' bikes and discovers that she and MacKenzie are guilty of the crime; thus, souring their relationship.


In "Bring Out Your Beast", Craig's relationship with Turner starts off neutral, but turns hostile when she steals his Beast Snare card and uses it to defeat every Bring Out Your Beast player at the Creek. Craig and his brother Bernard play a game against her and defeat her. Later, in "Tea Timers' Ball", she, along with Jason and Big Red, glares at Craig when J.P states he has plenty of enemies.

Episode appearances


  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, his name is changed to Greg due to Craig being a virtually unknown name in Brazil.
  • Craig is the only character to physically appear in every episode of the series.
  • Craig's math skill level is inconsistently depicted. In "Jessica Goes to the Creek", he used scratch paper previously used to work out algebra, but in "Doorway to Helen", he describes his decimal worksheet as difficult.
  • Craig makes a cameo as one of the corrupted Cartoon Network cartoon characters attacking Pibby and Bun Bun in the Adult Swim animated short "Come and Learn with Pibby!". He is only visible for a few frames, and only his head is visible.
  • Craig's Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw.[1] Due to his creativity, learning and wits.
  • Craig's Warcraft character class is an Adventurer.


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