Courtney is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek.


Courtney is a little more tanned than Tabitha, with a taller and bulky body type. She is seen with three piercings in each of her ears, a ring in the left side of her nose, a large brown coat with what appears to be an x-men logo on one side of each of her arms, a white crop top, green shorts with a large black belt, fingerless gloves, black transparent socks, a black zigzag line on the neck (most likely a choker) and black sneakers with laces of different colors. She has shiny black hair, with her fringe and two strands of neon-green hair framing her face.


Courtney seems to be more empathetic, calm and sensitive than Tabitha. Courtney believes that Tabitha is lucky to be able to go to college because she will be able to leave the town, which she hates. However, she does not want her to leave because she will not have someone to sit with at lunch.



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