Carter Brown is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek who appears in "The Future is Cardboard".


Carter left a box near Craig, Kelsey And J.P.'s base in the Creek. After Craig builds a recliner out of it, Carter comes in clapping. After complimenting him, he leads him to "New Cardboard City". Later, he builds a giant robot that tries to destroy the old Cardboard City. The episodes ends with him leaving and remarking he'll be back again.


Carter has Craig's skin color and long curly black hair, with a cardboard box he uses as a hat. He wears a purple shirt with a yellow bowtie made out of cardboard, orange pants with straps that reach his shoulders and gray shoes.


Carter is creative, as well as being good at architecture. He built most of his cardboard city, but he needed Craig to help him with some things. He acts kind, however, he used Craig to make a robot which he thought was really his city to get revenge on his old friends in their own city.



Carter is mentioned after George and before Mackenzie about 1 minute 14 seconds into the Creek Kid Rap



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