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"Capture the Flag Part 3: The Legend" is the 37th episode of the third season of Craig of the Creek and the 117th episode overall.


Craig goes in search of answers, and finds a legend.


The Creek now has warning posters telling kids not to play with Craig. King Xavier tries out a bike on the 10 Speeds' ramps but he wipes out. Xavier gets embarrassed and angry and thinks the others are laughing at him. Cannonball disputes that and even offers to teach Xavier how to ride the ramp. But Xavier doesn't want to hear it and he tells Aggie to destroy the ramps which leaves the 10 Speeds in tears. Xavier tells Maya to stay behind and help destroy the remaining ramps.

While going to the Sewers to get rid of the Sewer Queen, Kelsey appears in disguise and acts likes a beggar that needs candy. She along with Raj and Shawn of the Honeysuckle Rangers (calling themselves the Sugar Swipers) throw smoke bombs so JP can get the candy. As they're about to run off, Maya stops Kelsey, but the Honeysuckles throws smoke bombs and run off with Xavier's candy and distribute it to the Creek Kids. Xavier admonishes Maya for not being by his side when he needed her despite the fact that he ordered her to help destroy the ramps.

The four go to Craig's house to see if Craig's okay. Craig's mom opens the door to tell them he's not grounded, but he was pretty worked up about what Xavier did and she told Craig he shouldn't go back to the Creek until he's level headed again. Craig goes over the candy raids with the other four, but the raids are proving to be ineffective because Xavier never seems to run out of candy to give away. Craig wishes that there was some way to get Xavier in trouble with his parents and Raj throws out that he knows where Xavier lives since he had to deliver Xavier his homework when he was sick from school one day. Xavier threatened to ban Raj from getting any candy if he came back or told anyone else where he lived.

Craig and the group go to Xavier's house to see if they can get Xavier in trouble only to spot a group of teenagers on the front steps consisting of Cheyenne, Michelle (the original green poncho), Randy, and others. Craig realizes that Cheyenne has to be Xavier's older sister and the former King of the other side of the creek. The group kneels to Cheyenne who gets embarrassed and pulls the group over to the side of the house to explain that her Creek time is passed. Kenneth then shows up and Cheyenne lets him handle the group. Kenneth then tells them he was the original King of the other side of the Creek and that Xavier is his baby brother.

Kenneth then proceeds to tell the group of his time at the Creek. He was in the same friend group as the Elders and cosplayed and watched anime with them with Kenneth's favorite being Haru: King of the Forest. Then he got separated from them when the overpass was constructed, splitting the Creek into two. Kenneth then explains that he unintentionally became the first king when kids from his side started playing with him and loved his costume so much that they started cosplaying from Haru as well. Kenneth then started giving away candy to his new friends and they started calling him King Kenneth. When he got older, Kenneth gave Cheyenne his mantle of King and she adjusted the way the game was played with the same thing happening to Xavier.

JP asks how can Kenneth be so different than Xavier and Kenneth explains that while their parents were strict with him, they spoiled Xavier and they wouldn't do much when it came to punishing him. Craig asks if Kenneth can help them and Kenneth turns them down saying that even if he did tell Xavier to behave himself, he knows that he would just revert to his previous self when he got back to the Creek. Kenneth leaves for a study group and tells them that even though the crown and title of King was given to him by his friends, Xavier only has friends because he's king.

Back at Craig's house, the group bemoans their situation and Kelsey says the creek will soon be as deserted as it was after the great Capture the Flag War from years ago. Getting inspired, Craig sneaks his friends back to their stump at the creek. Craig decides the only way they're going to stop Xavier is to challenge him to Capture the Flag for control of the Creek.







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