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Capture the Flag Part 1: The Candy Gallery Transcript

"Capture the Flag Part 1: The Candy" is the 35th episode of the third season of Craig of the Creek and the 115th episode overall.


When mysterious circumstances cause issues at the Trading Tree, Craig tries to save the day!


The annual Creek bottle boat race which occurred previously in "You're It" is held again. Craig, Kelsey, and JP enter their own boat, with Mortimor as pilot. When the race starts, Wren’s boat blows up due to a lack of air holes for carbon dioxide from the baking soda–vinegar reaction to escape. This stalls all of the boats, but Mortimor manages to sail the boat to the finish line and win the race. Sailor Boy gives the Stump kids the prize of him paying for all of their snacks from Kit’s Trading Tree for a week.

The Stump Kids immediately head to the Trading Tree, only to learn that Kit is completely out of snacks. Kelsey and J.P. reveal that Craig had shared her secret candy supplier: her Grandma Evelyn. Kit admits that her snacks come from her Grandma in exchange for good grades, but she recently got a terrible report card in the mail and so her Grandma cut off her snacks. Kit doesn’t understand how the report card was so terrible since she’s usually a straight-A student? She was worried that if she didn’t get any snacks for the trading tree her business would be over, but soon Bobby tells her that Craig would help her. This encouraged Craig to be a hero and help Kit supply food for the trading tree.

The Stump Kids and Kit make their way to Evelyn’s House and make a game show to prove that Kit is a smart student, but Evelyn quickly said no because she believes Kit is focusing more on her Trading then she does on her grades. Craig was worried that Evelyn would send Kit to Summer School, but Evelyn didn’t even think of that idea until Craig mentioned it and decides to make Kit go to Summer School to make up for her report card. As the kids pleaded to not send her to Summer School, Evelyn quickly stops them and proceeds to watch her soap opera.

Because of Kit going to Summer School, she won’t be in the creek for the rest of the summer making the The Trading Tree unavailable. The Kids were concerned that they won’t get any food for the rest of the summer but luckily Craig stands up and encourages the kids to not give up with Bobby concurring, and the kids try to bring their own food to the creek. However, Craig’s plan doesn’t work as the food the kids bring from home is inadequate and can’t compare to their regular snacks. Bobby tried to bring his secret stash of candy, but he trips and the other kids started fighting over his candy leaving none for him which leaves Bobby in tears.

Soon the Kids started becoming hungry and desperate for snacks to eat. The Stump Kids then started to hallucinate due to starvation and see everything as food. But soon, J.P. Notices a bunch of Squishers floating down the creek. Craig is curious to know where the Squishers are coming from until he finds the “Mark of the Mill” which means these Squishers came from King Xavier on the other side of the creek. So Craig ordered his friends to get the Council of the Creek and head to the Overpass right away!

Once the Creek Council enters the Overpass they find The Green Poncho blocking King Xavier, Maya and his Royal Knights from entering the other side. Once the King notices the Creek Council he introduces himself and explains that he got info that the Creek ran out of snacks so he provided a truck load of snacks for the other side to have, but he can’t give the snacks because The Green Poncho is preventing them from entering. Eliza commands the Green Poncho to move out of the way so they can get some food. However Craig refuses to let the King enter their side because he believes the King is evil and is using snacks to gain their trust. Eliza disagrees saying that she’s also evil and everyone’s hungry, and she tells Craig that he’s always being nice and likes giving people second chances. Craig notices that, but he still warns everyone that trusting the King would be a problem. Eliza however, tells him that Craig didn’t provide any candy for everyone, and soon the creek Council starts arguing as the King Watches.

Paintball Mike then stops the argument and explains that a vote should determine whether the King should Enter, or Leave. Before the vote starts Craig warns the council one more time about trusting the King. So Kelsey arranges the vote, Thumbs Up to Let the King Enter, and Thumbs Down to let the King Leave. Once Craig calculates the votes, it became a tie by 4-4. Thus concluding that the King can’t enter the Creek, but in a shocking twist Bobby made the final vote and chose to let the King enter. Craig was shocked that Bobby would choose to let the King in the creek with Bobby explaining that he lost faith that Craig would be able to solve all of their problems. By a 5-4 Vote, the King can enter the Creek. King Xavier was very pleased that he can enter the creek and informed the council that they would be “good friends”. As the Green Poncho was shocked the Creek would chose to trust the King, he left the Overpass in disappointment. And so the King and his side of the Creek entered the Creek. As the Stump Kids watched the King and his Royal Guard making their way to the creek, Craig says that “The Creek is Doomed.”





  • "Capture the Flag Part 1: The Candy", as well as the rest of the miniseries uses a credits mix with all tracks muted except for a single timpani and the vocals. The mix also adds a new synth track.
    • A different title card theme is also present on each episode of the miniseries. "Part 5" has no title card theme at all.
  • This episode had the most viewed premiere of the third season, reaching 539,000 viewers. This also exceeded all premieres of the second season; the last premiere with more viewers was "Dibs Court", which had 545,000 viewers.
  • This episode, as well as all other parts of the miniseries, is not available for download through VOD services. All other episodes, except for shorts, have been made available after their premiere.



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