Boris is a recurring character from Craig of the Creek. He takes advantage of his treasurer to look like Jason's bodyguard.


Unlike Tony and Jason, Boris is a very tall, big and muscular boy. He has light skin with some marks on his arms and legs, short black hair. Boris also has a green handkerchief with a gray badge on his neck. Like Tony and Jason, he wears the blue-gray uniform of the Junior Forest Scouts. He wears a brown belt, lilac socks and green shoes.


Boris always has an angry expression, to look like a bully and be Jason's bodyguard. Boris never says anything and only responds to others with grunts, however, in "The Invitation", Boris was able to say other words and then respond with grunts; in that same episode, it is seen that Boris gets angry easily, as when J.P. he hits him because Jane pushed him, but he apologizes to him quickly. In "Ace of Squares" Boris speaks in third person in some scenes.


  • In Sparkle Cadet, it is revealed that Boris is from Connecticut.



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