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Bobby is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek. He is a small chubby boy who is always eating candy from a small bag.

A running gag has him constantly tripping over something while his candy spills out, causing him to utter "My candy!" in a nasally quiet voice.

Physical Appearance

Bobby seems to be younger than Craig. He is very short and has pale skin. His hair is black and has a hairstyle forward. He wears a large green diver with pockets, gray shorts, and brown shoes.


Since his first appearance in "You're It", Bobby looks like a kind and helpless child. He usually appears near the Trading Tree eating candy and walking with another child. In "Ace of Squares", he seems to have an addiction to sweets. He seems to be not that bright in intelligence.



Episode Appearances


  • His name is revealed in the episode "Ace of Squares".
    • As of that episode, Bobby is the Ace of Four Square.
  • In the episode "Memories of Bobby", he moves houses though the other children of Creek, believing he was "moving away" from the Creek.
  • Bobby is Kit's best customer.
  • Bobby is a member of the Creek Council, claiming his position as Craig's best friend.
  • Bobby's boots are the same color as Craig's skin and Melissa's pants.


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