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Mapmop123 Mapmop123 3 July 2021


like cartoon

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 5 May 2021


Laney Buttons is the older sister of Agathia "Agath" Buttons and is the rival of Bethanna Pikley. She is apart of Butterbean Scouts Troop 6328.

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Big rafy2.o Big rafy2.o 28 April 2021


I'm a huuuge craig of the creek fan even though i'm 13.

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 21 April 2021

CFTC OC:Sandra

Sandra Beffiana is a character in Craig of the Creek. Her face is never shown, her face is only shown in Emotion Modes.

She has hair resembling Pullstring's but blonde, a french-puppy "rawr" outfit and french flats.

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Don't ask me dude Don't ask me dude 9 April 2021

Who thinks the the great cart race was a good episode

this episode in reality was a 9 out of 10 cause i got excited for it but its still a good episode if you think im wrong then i was noob before it was an insult but lemme hear your opinons

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King of knd King of knd 8 April 2021

Bobby relevance

you think bobby will ever become an official stump kid because at this point hes major character in many episodes with just the trio

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 31 March 2021

CFTC OC:Jimmy Mcstanderds

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 31 March 2021

CFTC OC:Katrina Mathley

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Tardisman14 Tardisman14 5 March 2021

smallest cast

Does anyone know, to their best knowledge, which episode(s) currently have least number of characters?

NOTE: This can't include just being mentioned. They have to physically appear in the episode (non-speaking roles allowed).

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SusanPlayz Wiki SusanPlayz Wiki 26 January 2021

Zegg Kiften

Zallerina "Zegg" Kiften is a unseen character.

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SusanPlayz Wiki SusanPlayz Wiki 25 January 2021


Tina is a minor character.

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SusanPlayz Wiki SusanPlayz Wiki 25 January 2021


Betty King or just Bratface is a minor character in the series.

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SusanPlayz Wiki SusanPlayz Wiki 24 January 2021

Kitty Pie

Kayla Marstian or simply called Kitty Pie is a minor character in Craig of the Creek who debuted in "Lion Students".

  • Her only quote was "Chi-chi, Come!!!!!!".

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SusanPlayz Wiki SusanPlayz Wiki 24 January 2021


The Lions are a group of girls that pull nasty pranks and the leader is Lora.

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SusanPlayz Wiki SusanPlayz Wiki 24 January 2021

Lora Kiften

Loryan Kiften or just called Lora is a character in Craig of the Creek who is the only lion to appear in every episode.

  • She may became nicer after she lost the his brother's challenge.

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Javier10223 Javier10223 22 October 2020

Who's your favorite Craig of the Creek character

Mine is Craig!

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J93u983fh8ruwi J93u983fh8ruwi 23 September 2020

Season 3 Episodes

We know that because of CN Treat-a-Thon, there will be some Halloween specials of Craig of The Creek. But what episode ideas and plots do you guys have?

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MonikaEverdeen MonikaEverdeen 22 September 2020

hi guys

any tips on drawing the gay witches? its my first time drawing them

should I maybe trace them? or should I draw them from scratch? hellllppppp

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Knight Zaman Knight Zaman 9 August 2020


I'am very excited for crossover episode!

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Knight Johnny Knight Johnny 28 July 2020


Why doesn't it crossover with any other cartoons?

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Dani2021 Dani2021 12 July 2020

Craig of the Creek Video Game Idea (Part 2)

Here's my second idea for a COTC Video Game.

I imagine a action Rpg game/Dungeon crawler (something like Snack World with some elements from the Yo-kai Watch series) where you can create your own avatar/Creeksona and gather creek kids to go on adventures throughout the creek, You first start off with the Stump Trio as your first party members, but later you can befriend lots of Creek kids to join your team.

The Plot of the game would be based on the story about saving the Creek from being ruled by the King from The Other Side of The creek.

What you guys think?

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JackClarkStudios JackClarkStudios 9 July 2020

Every episode ever!

  • 1 Episodes
    • 1.1 Season 1
    • 1.2 Season 2
    • 1.3 Season 3

  • Itch to Explore
  • You're It
  • Jessica Goes to the Creek
  • The Final Book
  • Too Many Treasures
  • Wildernessa
  • Sunday Clothes
  • Escape from Family Dinner
  • Monster in the Garden
  • The Curse
  • Dog Decider
  • Bring Out Your Beast
  • Lost in the Sewers
  • The Future is Cardboard
  • The Brood
  • Under the Overpass
  • The Invitation
  • Vulture's Nest
  • Kelsey Quest
  • JPony
  • Ace of Squares
  • Doorway to Helen
  • The Last Kid in the Creek
  • The Climb
  • Big Pinchy
  • The Kid from 3030
  • Power Punchers
  • Creek Cart Racers
  • Secret Book Club
  • Jextra Perretrial
  • The Takeout Mission
  • Dinner at the Creek
  • Jessica's Trail
  • Bug City
  • Deep Creek Salvage
  • The Shortcut
  • Dibs Court
  • The Great Fossil Rush
  • Mystery of the Timekeeper
  • Alone Quest

  • Memories of Bobby
  • Jacob of the Creek
  • Return of the Honeysuckle Rangers
  • Kelsey the Elder
  • Sour …

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Dinowolf56 Dinowolf56 21 June 2020

What is Creek?

The creek in the show looks more forest

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TechSkylander1518 TechSkylander1518 10 June 2020

"Equipment" article section?

Would it be worthwhile to create a section for the "equipment" the kids use? (For example, on Craig's page, the Equipment section would list his staff and his Purse of Holding) I personally think the different "weapons" and the like are one of the most fun parts of the show, and some of them have unique backstories to them, so I'd like a way to chronicle them somehow, but I don't know if making them part of the characters' page would be better, or if they'd be better off as their own article.

A lot of the major items would probably have enough content to be a page on their own, but there's some items, like Sparkle Cadet's bubble wand, the Sewer Queen's staff, or Zoe's cardboard ax, that don't really seem like they have enough content for a …

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Dani2021 Dani2021 8 June 2020

Episode Idea

I got an idea for a episode: there's an Choir/acapella Group (The Creek Choir or something) holding tryouts for new members, and Marie (of The Horse Girls) who has a Beautiful Singing voice would like to be part of the group, but she a bit insecure about joining because the other Horse Girls will might think she's no longer a Horse Girls anymore.

What do uou guys think?

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Steelblaze Steelblaze 18 May 2020

My Drawing

  • I have been working on drawing my favorite Craig of the creek character. Cheese Sticks
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Dong Carl X Dong Carl X 18 May 2020

Wiki Renovation Plans

G'day everyone (yes, you)!

Recently, me, along with numerous users, had been giving a lot of effort to keep this wiki and its community alive. However, it's still far from over despite those improvements.

From the plots, transcripts, and images, to numerous pages in the wiki, they all need maintenance in one way or another. We, as a community, have done a part to keep the Craig of the Creek fanbase alive.

We're reaching out to you. What suggestions can you give to the improvement of this wiki? Any suggestion is welcome, as long as it's appropriate.

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Dani2021 Dani2021 11 May 2020

Craig of the Creek Japanese Dub

If Craig of the Creek get's a Japanese Dub (And Maybe might air on TV Tokyo) Here my idea of what the japanese cast would be like.

  •  ??? as Craig Williams
  • Ryoko Shiraishi as Kelsey Pokoly
  • Kosuke Goto as J.P Mercer
  • ??? as Kit
  • Kokoro Kikuchi as Jason
  • Naomi Ozara as Mackenzie 
  • Houko Kuwashima as Maney
  • Hibiku Yamamura as Wildernessa
  • Tatsuhisa Suzki as Paintball Mike
  • Subaru Kimura as Paintball Benny
  • Takahiro Sakurai or Nobuhiko Okamoto as The Junk Lord
  • Tomokaku Seki and Jun'ya Enoki as The Honeysuckle Rangers (Shawn and Raj)

If anyone has any ideas on who should voiced Craig, Kit, and the rest of Creek kids Please comment below.

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Ringo001 Ringo001 7 May 2020

Craig of the Creek first impressions

I'm way too late to watching this cartoon. I saw some when it premiered, but I never have active subscriptions to things. I love it so far, I'm only about ten episodes in.

I'm just writing down some things I want to come back to lore wise and wiki goals.

Favorite character: Mortimer of course. 

Lore goals:

Is there a connection between the kids and the grim reaper from episode 3?

It's caught my eye that Craig is psychic and JP can break the fourth wall, and Kelsey is a storyteller. Something something framing.

I love every one of the characters, they're so charming.

Comparing Craig's maps. (I haven't seen enough to get into lore, but maps are always fun.)

The history of the creek and today. It's cool that we learn a bit about the creek every day..…

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Dani2021 Dani2021 4 May 2020

Craig of the Creek Video Game Idea

I like to tell you guys about my idea of a Craig of the creek video game:

I want something like a Point and click adventure game like the cd-rom games from Humongous Entertainment.

still haven't got a story and plot to go with it though. 

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Zombiewizard45 Zombiewizard45 28 April 2020

Should I watch the show?

I've made more edits to this Wiki than any other, and yet I've only watched the first two episodes of the series. Should I get into it, or should I just keep editing the Wiki? I'm 16, if that's at all relevant.

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Eminzaman Eminzaman 13 April 2020


Billy young cousin of Tabitha.His member of Sailors. Billy very brave and helpfull.Billy like sailors.Billy real name William.Billy length is short.He has a sailor's hat.

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Joshua013106 Joshua013106 31 July 2019

am i real or are you real?

MY nickname mean know one know who I am and I don't want to seen or herd maybe Because I'm not alive maybe I am who know do you?

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Henry Danger Fan Henry Danger Fan 21 May 2019

COTC Episode Ideas!

This is a blog post where you can write in the comments to be featured on this episode list. Here are the ideas:

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Diddlehecc Diddlehecc 26 April 2019

oh dear oh dear oh dear

Is it bad to have...  a ship? Don't worry it aint the children, it's just two of the elders. The thing is, I don't wanna be part of ruinning the show in this fandom... I just think that these specific people might be cute together and I don't wanna cause any trouble! What do you guys think about it?

It's Mark and David, any good/bad thoughts? Me no care :0)

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SempaiMeme SempaiMeme 29 December 2018

Cardboard Godzilla

So, in the episode The Future is Cardboard, Carter, being Carter, decides to use Craig to make a robot using rubber bands, cans, and cardboard so he can destroy Cardboard City I, the Cardboard mena-   ...wait I can't use that joke? Alright... Anyways, I was wondering if that could be recreated IRL by any chance? If anyone can inform me, let me know. I will be thankful.

P.S. I won't use it to destroy the world, just as a little somthing known as a threat to keep others away from my town. Again, nothing too destructive is in mind.

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Applejackrulez20 Applejackrulez20 16 November 2018

Mark of the Mill Discussion

So, after watching Jessica's Trail, I heard the Green Poncho mention something about "The Mark of the Mill". I think this Mill group is going to be the antagonists of the show. But for right now, it's a mystery on who these people are. What do you think they are? Are they a group of kids who want to destroy playtime or something else entirely.

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Cuddly Rainbow Guardian Cuddly Rainbow Guardian 22 September 2018


Should I start a COTC fanon wiki?

I made it:

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Jed da pie! Jed da pie! 24 August 2018

A Teensy Weensy Anouncement

Unless your interested, this information doesn't MATTER. It has to do with a small announcement about my EWWCOTCS (Everything Wrong With Craig Of The Creek Series). No! It is not canceled or anything, it has just been scheduled for an earlier release date. TOMMOROW!

It was originally supposed to be launch on August 28, 2018 but that's when school will be. I've been in school for two weeks and since it started it has been constantly packing and packing me with work, giving me little time to be active on this wiki. Anyways the blog will come out tomorrow either before or at noon. To anyone who is reading this try to get the hype out there cuz I don't want to make the blog with out anyone reading or enjoying it. Then it will be kinda meanin…
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Jed da pie! Jed da pie! 23 August 2018

My Theory About Jason

Everybody in the Craig of the Creek Fandom calls Jason a meanie for bossing people around but I still love him, in fact I have a few theories why he acts this way.

  • 1 No One Respected Him
  • 2 He Has No One To Look Out For Him
  • 3 He Was Always Like This
  • 4 Overview

Maybe this is to obvious but I think before he became a Junior Forest Scout he was never respected and no one took him seriously, so when he did become one he bossed people around just like what use to happen.

Usually people who have no one to guide them are insecure or choose their own way to act because their is no one to show them the right way and that might be the case with Jason after all it's not to off

This one is the boring one because it is way to OBVIOUS, also I kind of ran out of the…

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Jed da pie! Jed da pie! 19 August 2018

My New Upcoming Series

I have recently been popping up with new Ideas for Blog Posts, But I one popped into my head that was irresistible... An Everything Wrong With Craig Of The Creek series. I've enjoyed the episodes, but now that I look back there are just flaws in you're face. I not sure when it will come but I do know I will make one on You're It, Jessica Goes to the Creek, and Too Many Treasures. So comment your Ideas and thoughts about my upcoming series.

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TheDeadBody TheDeadBody 27 June 2018


I am new to the wiki - a

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Caffanisback Caffanisback 3 June 2018

A 2015 Nickelodeon series similar to Craig of the Creek

if your wondering why craig of the creek feels so familiar then you must be thinking about the nickelodeon animated series "Harvey beaks". Harvey beaks focuses on a bird who has friends named fee and foo and does crazy stuff outside like being a rebel and junk. craig of the creek however is similar as it focuses on a kid with 2 siblings and parents who goes on outdoors and has two friends Kelsey and JP.let's compare these characters craig is similar to Harvey due to they like nature and they like fun activies and hates when stuff goes wrong. Kelsey is similar to fee due to how they're the smarter friend and she's rough. JP is similar to foo due to how they're the dumber friend and nice at times but copies the smarter one when is rough. fun…

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Jed da pie! Jed da pie! 31 May 2018

Why I Love Craig of The Creek

Craig of the is by far one of my favorite shows, and now that I'm out of school and can start editing more pages. But what makes me love this show so much? well let me explain.

The first reason is because of the Imagination. The main characters are kids and imagination the audience needs to have a good episode. It comes in handy for the show at times.

The second reason why I love this show so much is because of the creative characters. Each character has something about them that stands out to me. I have never come across a character in COTC that I hate, even Jason(probably because my brother's name is Jason).

The third reason why This show is great is because of the humor. I find it legit funny because it's something I can relate to, the jok…

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Moose513 Moose513 1 May 2018

Who's This?

There's a girl dressed like a princess in the image below, and I'm very curious who she is. I'm burning with questions about her, like is she a character to be introduced in an upcoming episode, is she character just placed to fill a spot, what's her name? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Traptor12 Traptor12 21 April 2018


I am adding new information to the newer episodes on IMDb. I never get bored of it. :)

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ReidoBandito2 ReidoBandito2 12 April 2018

First Blog Post

What's up? This is newcomer ReidoBandito2. I watched a few episodes of Craig of the Creek and it looked good. I'll try to come here as much as I can.

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NintendoSwitch2.0 NintendoSwitch2.0 5 March 2018

New show

This new show could save Cartoon Network animation is lit

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Staff of The Creek Staff of The Creek 8 December 2017


You might not know me, as I have not had a chance to introduce myself. So let us have a fresh start.

Hello, .

Let me tell you a few things about myself.

I love drawing, and I love cartoons. When I am older, I would like a job in the animation industry. 

I just like creating stuff. Sometimes I bored, and sew, make a comic, edit pictures, and some other stuff.

One day you say hi,

and before you know it,

you say bye.

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