Beth the timekeeper (or simply Timekeeper[1]) is a character from the show Craig of the Creek.


Beth has pale skin and red hair (blonde in the pilot). Her eyes are small black dots similar to JP's. She wears sky blue blouse that looks like a band uniform, with black shorts and shoes, and a sky blue beret. On her right arm, she wears two wrist watches. She is always seen with her sousaphone.


Beth is a shy girl. She describes herself as not being good at playing with other kids and therefore chooses to stand on her tree platform and play her sousaphone. This way, she feels as a part of everyone's playtime as she reminds them when to go home for dinner. Her job as timekeeper is very important to her. When she fails her task, she quits her job in disgrace. However, she returns to her post after realizing how much everyone else needs her. She is very friendly and helpful.


In the earlier episodes of the show, the kids in the Creek react to the sound of Beth's sousaphone alerting them to go home.

She makes her first physical appearance in the episode "The Mystery of the Timekeeper". Here, Beth appearances on her tree platform, overlooking the meadow, with her many clocks. In the episode, Beth forgets to account for Daylights Savings, causing everyone in the Creek to be late for dinner and be grounded by their parents. Because of this mistake, Beth leaves her post. After Craig, JP and Kelsey realize how important Beth is for the Creek, they go looking for her. They find her in the meadow and convince her to return to her post as timekeeper. Hurrying back to her, Beth cannot run with her sousaphone on, but she can climb up to her platform. All of the Creek kids are happy for Beth's return, allowing them to go back to playtime.



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