Bernard is a character in Craig of the Creek. He is Craig's and Jessica's older brother, the first son of Duane and Nicole Williams and the grandson of Earl and Jojo Williams. He is dating Alexis.

Physical appearance

He seems to be an average-height male. He wears glasses and has tall, black hair with shaved sides. He wears a purple dress shirt with yellow lines, blue jeans and wears red and white sneakers, often carrying a backpack. He also seems to wear a brown watch on his right wrist. In the "Pilot", he wears a light aqua dress shirt instead of a purple one. And he dosen't have her Backpack in the Pliot. He also appeared in the episode of Bring Out Your Beast where Bernard help Craig with his card in order to save is Trap Beast card.


He seems to have a no-nonsense yet aloof personality and can even be a bit snobby at times and he has shown to be very irritable by most of Craig's actions and not very amused by anything from his younger brother's immaturity. He values love and the importance of homework over what Craig personally likes. As of the episode You're It, he is currently it and will be forever.

Episode Appearances


  • J.P. thinks he dresses nice even though Craig disagrees.


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