Bad Moves is a band formed by David (lead vocalist and guitarist), Emma (bass), Katie (background voice and guitarist) and Daoud (drums).

So far, they have only appeared in the episode "Vulture's Nest".


  • David: He has light peach skin with brown hair. He is seen wearing a shirt with light red and dark red stripes, light brown shorts, brown socks and dark red shoes with white soles.
  • Emma: She has light peach skin with dark brown hair, big teeth and pink lips. She wears a white shirt with a peach-colored square that reads "TM LE" in purple letters, black shorts, white socks and dark red lace-up sneakers with a white sole.
  • Katie: She has peach skin with brown hair dyed blue and a part dyed cyan. She is wearing a gray shirt with a light blue circle, black shorts and brown slippers.
  • Daoud: He has dark skin, black hair, a beard and white glasses. He wears a light gray shirt with black pants and black shoes with white soles.




Bad Moves is an actual real-life band.

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