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"Alone Quest" is the fortieth episode of Season 1 of Craig of the Creek and the fortieth episode overall.


Craig has an emergency, leaving Kelsey alone at the Stump.


Craig, Kelsey and JP are playing Charades in The Stump. JP's turn is currently happening, and he tries to hold his breath while Kelsey and Craig try to get what he's doing. Craig's turn is next, but as Craig is about to act out a memory, his stomach begins to hurt and then it becomes clear why: Craig needs to poop!. However, Kelsey and JP think he's trying to act a memory, while he clenches his butt to try and hold it in. He is too embarrassed to tell them about his current situation, and then they get the idea, with Kelsey saying "Why not Craig" then JP says "I think, it's because Craig has to.." but Craig cuts him off before he can say poop. JP decides to go with Craig to his house, leaving Kelsey and Mortimer alone at the Stump. As soon as they leave, Kelsey lets out a fart.





  • Craig, JP, and Kelsey mention times when they had a monster themed dance party, a time they buried JP, a time they turned JP into a marionette puppet, pretended to be statues so that crows would get close to them, and a time they were actual statues.
  • Craig is very prudent when it comes to using the words "poop" or "crap", but he gets over it by the end of the episode.
  • JP's house is 13 houses away from Craig's.
  • Kelsey writes a story titled "Robyn and the Snow Sword".
  • In the instance of getting locked out of his house, JP leaves the side door unlocked, and additionally leaves a spare key to the front door under one of the rocks in the front yard.
  • Craig says "I ain't afraid of no spiders." This is a reference to the quote from "Ghostbusters", "I ain't afraid of no ghosts."
  • Kelsey's shoe size is 2.
  • Kelsey addresses her mom after prancing around in the fields.
  • Jessica's birthday is May 3rd.
  • Jessica wets the bed if she drinks, just before going to sleep.


Craig of the Creek - Craig's Emergency - Cartoon Network

Craig of the Creek - Craig's Emergency - Cartoon Network


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