Aaron is a secondary character in Craig of the Creek. He burst the bottle race in the Creek when he ran away from a girl who was going to touch him and ended up touching him.


Aaron has dark peach skin, long dark brown hair that reaches up to his neck, and expressive eyes. Aaron wears a white tank top with a dark teal sweater underneath he also wears burgundy shorts and black shoes with white socks


At first, Aaron appears quite nervous and anxious because a girl pursues him and begs him not to touch him, but in the end, after touching him, he does not seem to have much trouble and continues the game by touching another child. In "Ace of Squares", Aaron seems to be menacing and aggressive and brave, even to the extent that the diver is removed he mentioned to craig he says "IM CRAZY DUDE". In addition, he reveals that he has a love interest in Kelsey, but is so embarrassed that he runs away before revealing it completely.



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